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    What is Kvirus

    Kvirus is a board game for the KDE Environment written in C++ by Sung Soo Kang skang5@po-box.mcgill.ca and is a clone of Ataxxlet (known as Virus War in Korea. Now you got the idea where the name "kvirus" came from) originally written in Java by Paul Buchheit. If you like to play Ataxxlet on your web browser, check here. The goal is to copy or jump your virus next to the enemy virus to eat them up. Kvirus provides a cute interface with hours of fun. I made this game for my wife YeeSoo who really loves playing my game :)

    Kvirus is developed on KDevelop 0.4, one of the most powerful IDE for C++, QT and KDE. (It's still under heavy development process. I am wondering if KDevelop develop team use KDevelop to develop KDevelop ^_^ ) If you have any problem to compile Kvirus source, please let me know.

    You can freely modify the source code and redistribute Kvirus as I did :) If you do it, please name Paul Buchheit on your modified source file because the "original logic" is his idea.

    Latest Version is Kvirus Version 0.5.2

    Kvirus News

    June 20, 1999-For Non-KDE users If you are not using KDE Environment but just installed KDE-support and KDE-library, then you will get a segmentation fault. I happened to omit a code to check KAudio server status. From version 0.5.2, Kvirus's using Kaudio server for its sounds. Please re-download kvirus-0.5.2.tar.gz, if you downloaded it before June 20. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you don't have time to download but want to change the code, follow next steps.

  • Open source file kvirus-0.5.2/kvirus/kvirusview.cpp
  • Find the function "void KvirusView::playSound(QString filename)"
  • Change the if statement.
  • From: if(isSoundOn()){
  • To: if(isSoundOn() && !audio.serverStatus()){
  • If you downloaded after June 20, 17:00 PST, you don't have to care about this.

    June 18, 1999 Kvirus 0.5.2 released. This version supports sound, multi-play(not network play yet) and board resize option. To enable sound, Kvirus must be installed with 'make install' command.(It can be easily uninstalled with 'make uninstall' command in Kvirus source directory.)

    June 16, 1999 Kvirus has been successfully compiled and tested on Slackware 3.5, kernel2.2.7 with KDE 1.1 and Qt 1.42. Thanks Rob Kaper.
    1000 linuxers have visited and showed great interests in Kvirus. Thanks all of you.
    I am currently working on adding sound and network/multi play functions. The problem is to find suitable wav files. In addtion, difficulty levels will be added. Any idea would be appreciated.
    Kvirus achieved 5 penguins from LinuxBerg and 4 stars from Linux Game Tome. Go KDE!! Go!!



    Currently, only source tarball is available. RPM version for RH6.0 will be available soon.


    Latest version: 312,823 bytes

    Latest kvirus-0.5.2.tar.gz: Download from here

    Old versions: 191,917 bytes

    kvirus-0.5.tar.gz: Download from here
    kvirus-0.5.tar.gz: Download from Linux Game Tome
    kvirus-0.5.tar.gz: Download from LinuxBerg

    Requirements: QT Library, KDE Library

    It is not necessary to install the entire KDE Environment to play Kvirus. You just need KDE library, KDE-support and Qt library. However, it's worth trying the latest KDE Environment. It's awesome!! Qt's not completely free, though.
    Known Bugs

    1. "Close Widow" item under the Game menu should be "Close Window". A silly bug. My wife found it and laughed at me over 30 minutes...^_^ (Fixed)

    June 18, 1999
    Sound function and option added. Board resize option added. Now you can play on 7x7, 9x9 or 11x11 board. Random block position function added. Multi-play function and option added. Now you can play with computer or with your friend.

    June 15, 1999
    The waiting time between the human player and computer's movement was changed from 400 msec to 200 msec so that the game speed increased. The silly bug "Close Widow" fixed. Since changes were so minor, the version number wasn't changed.
    If you don't want download the new source but change the game speed, change timer.start(400, TRUE); to timer.start(200, TRUE); in kvirusview.cpp.
    Copyright © 1999 Sung Soo Kang , skang5@po-box.mcgill.ca
    Accessed () times since (June 14 1999)
    URL: https://members.tripod.com/sungsoo

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